SFU / HGU – how to change mode

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Document Date and version2020.06.1
Tested on OLTDasan V5808/V5816/V8102/V8106
Zyxel OLT2406/OLT1404A/OLT1408A
Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) ISAM FX-4/ISAM 7360
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1GE, HL-4GSupported on Version: V2.0.10 or above
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ONT HL-1GE/HL4G supports auto mode switching with assigning according to configuration. At this moment that function is supported on:

  • Dasan OLT
  • Zyxel OLT
  • Alcatel Lucent OLT
  • ZTE C320,300

Our R&D team still works on supports this function on other OLTs, stay tuned, and check when new OLTs will be supported.

Changing mode through ONT web interface

By default, ONT is enabled in HGU mode (new ONT taken out from the box). If OLT does not support auto-switching, to change mode You should go to ONT web interface from IP-host 1 address or LAN IP Next, You should go to Access Management -> Service-mode, select proper mode and click “Confirm” button. After that ONT will restarts, when he turn on, new configuration will be applied.

ONT won’t switch back to HGU mode after restore to factory process (through the button, OLT CLI command and WWW interface), to return previous mode You need to change it through web interface or use correct profile in OLT configuration (if OLT supports this function – see list above)

Changing mode through OLT CLI interface

When OLT supports auto mode switching, to switch mode You need only assign a correct profile to ONT. The device automatically sets the correct mode and restarts.


When You use auto mode switching on NOKIA OLTs You need except changing configuration, also restart ONT or change port admin-state, below an example for ONT 16 connected to port 1:
configure equipment ont interface 1/1/1/1/16 admin-state down
configure equipment ont interface 1/1/1/1/16 admin-state up

If You need to run ONT with proper mode (SFU or HGU) please use configuration for yours OLT from below table (remember to customize the configuration to your network, like VLANs and etc.)

OLT VENDOR/MODELSFU modeHGU modeHow check mode from CLIFrom FW (and newer)
Dasan V5808/V5816/V8102/V8106HL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1GE, HL-4GLINKHL-1G – V2.0.11
HL-4G – V2.0.11
Zyxel OLT2406/OLT1404A/OLT1408AAvailable soonAvailable soonHL-1G – V2.0.11
HL-4G – V2.0.11
Nokia ISAM FX-4/ISAM 7360HL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1GE, HL-4GLINKHL-1G – V2.0.11
HL-4G – V2.0.11
ZTE C320,C300 (v1.2.5p3)HL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1G – V2.0.13
HL-4G – V2.0.13
ZTE C320,C300 (v2.1.0)HL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1GE, HL-4GHL-1G – V2.0.13
HL-4G – V2.0.13

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