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HLX-TGV HGU – Configuration [NOKIA 7360]

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HALNy HLX-TGV Configuration

Service scenario

HLX-TGV can work in two modes – HGU (Home Gateway Unit) and SFU (Single Family Unit).
SFU mode configuration is presented here. All HGU supported scenarios You can find here.
Changing ONT mode is achieved by setting up/or not bridge port and VEIP for ONT. In example, if ONT has to be working as HGU, we need to set only VEIP. If as SFU, we need to set bridge port(s).
SFU mode allows to prepare more complex configuration – such as QiQ tunnel or VLAN translation on the ONT. In this tutorial we will focus on HGU mode configuration.

ONT modes switching HGU<->SFU

ONT HL-2BV supports auto mode switching with assigning according configuration. At this moment that function is supported on:

  • Dasan OLT
  • Zyxel OLT
  • Alcatel Lucent OLT(Nokia)

How to switch between SFU/HGU.

Supported SFU service scenario and ONT configuration

Document Date and version2023.02.08
Tested on OLT NOKIA 7360 FX-4Version: L6GPAA56.587
Tested on ONT HALNy HL-2BVSupported on Version: V4.0.3 or above
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1. ONT Configuration (Access Mode – INTERNET/IPTV/VoIP)

ONT is connected to the port 1/1/1 with onu ID 8

#configure equipment ont interface 1/1/1/1/8 sernum HALN:926FA670 sw-ver-pland disabled iphc-allowed enable enable-aes disable planned-us-rate 10g
configure>equipment>ont>interface>1/1/1/1/8$ admin-state up
#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/8/1 planned-card-type 10_100base plndnumdataports 1 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up
#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/8/4 planned-card-type pots plndnumdataports 0 plndnumvoiceports 2 admin-state up
#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/8/8 planned-card-type ethernet plndnumdataports 1 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up
configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/8/10 planned-card-type veip plndnumdataports 1 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up

Slot 1 is for Ethernet card -> #configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/8/1
Slot 4 is for POTS card
Slot 10 is for VEIP
Slot 8 is for Ethernet 10G port/card

#configure qos profiles bandwidth 10G committed-info-rate 0 assured-info-rate 0 excessive-info-rate 10000000
#configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/8/1/1 auto-detect auto admin-state up
#configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/8/8/1 auto-detect auto admin-state up
#configure qos interface 1/1/1/1/8/10/1 upstream-queue 0 bandwidth-profile name:10G
#configure veip ont 1/1/1/1/8/10/1 admin-state up
#configure bridge port 1/1/1/1/8/10/1
max-unicast-mac 200
vlan-id 100 tag single-tagged
vlan-id 200 tag single-tagged
vlan-id 300 tag single-tagged
vlan-id 400 tag single-tagged
#configure qos interface 1/1/1/1/8/vuni upstream-queue 0 bandwidth-profile name:1G
#configure bridge port 1/1/1/1/8/vuni
#configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/8/vuni$ vlan-id 300 
#configure iphost ont ont:1/1/1/1/8/1 dhcp enabled vlan 300
#configure iphost ont ont:1/1/1/1/8/1 admin-state up
#show iphost ont operational-data
operational-data table
index                    |ip-address     |net-mask       |default-router |dns-addr      |sec-dns-addr

NOTE: In order to ip-host work properly, the broadcast should be enabled on VLAN

#configure interface vlan id 400 new-broadcast enable

ONT HLX-TGV Provisioning on ISAM 7360

There are two ways of ONT provisioning:

ONT HLX-TGV upgrade on ISAM 7360

ONT upgrade process is described in this article.

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