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HGU – Supported Service Scenarios

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HGU mode allows to flow multiple traffic classes across VEIP.
All UNI interfaces are belonged to one VEIP and it cannot be controlled by OMCI.
This non-OMCI part can be controlled by Web and Auto provisioning.
Most OLT vendors support dual stack:
– IP-HOST #1 -> MGMT (WEB, XML provisioning) – configure by OMCI (from OLT)
– VEIP (non-OMCI : INTERNET, VoIP, IPTV services) – configure by ONT WEB or provisioning

1.Bridge mode – only INTERNET:1-4/WIFI + MGMT

2.Bridge mode – INTERNET:1-4/WIFI, VoIP Interface + MGMT

3.Bridge mode – INTERNET:1-2/WIFI, IPTV:3-4, VoIP Interface + MGMT

4.Router mode – only INTERNET:1-4/WIFI + MGMT

5.Router mode – INTERNET:1-4/WIFI, VoIP Interface + MGMT

6.Router mode – INTERNET:1-2/WIFI, IPTV:3-4, VoIP + MGMT

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