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HALNy HL-4GQVS / HL-4GMV3 / HL-4GMV4 / HL-4GXV / HL-4GXV-F Configuration [NOKIA 7360]

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HALNy HL-4GMV2 Configuration

Service scenario

ONT configuration

Document Date and version2021.03.03
Tested on OLT NOKIA 7360 FX-4Version: L6GPAA56.587
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GQVS / HL-4GMV3 / HL-4GMV4 / HL-4GXV / HL-4GXV-FSupported on Version: V3.0.10 or above
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ONT is connected to the port 1/1/1 with onu ID 13

1. Add ONT

#configure equipment ont interface 1/1/1/1/13 sernum HALN:606FDF30 sw-ver-pland disabled iphc-allowed enable enable-aes disabled
#configure equipment ont interface 1/1/1/1/13 admin-state up

2.ONT slot configuration:

#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/1 planned-card-type 10_100base plndnumdataports 4 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up
#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/4 planned-card-type pots plndnumdataports 0 plndnumvoiceports 2 admin-state up
#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/10 planned-card-type veip plndnumdataports 1 plndnumvoiceports 0 admin-state up
#show equipment ont slot

Slot 1 is for Ethernet card -> #configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/1
Slot 4 is for VoIP -> #configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/4
Slot 10 is for VEIP ->#configure equipment ont slot 1/1/1/1/13/10

3. ONT QOS configuration:

#configure qos profiles bandwidth 1G committed-info-rate 0 assured-info-rate 0 excessive-info-rate 1000000

4. ONT ip-host 1 configuration:

#configure qos interface 1/1/1/1/13/vuni upstream-queue 0 bandwidth-profile name:1G
#configure bridge port 1/1/1/1/13/vuni
#configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/vuni$ vlan-id 400 
#configure iphost ont ont:1/1/1/1/13/1 dhcp enabled vlan 400
#typ:isadmin>configure>iphost>ont>ont:1/1/1/1/13/1$ admin-state up

5. Enable ONT eth ports

#configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/13/1/1 auto-detect auto admin-state up
typ:isadmin>configure>ethernet>ont>1/1/1/1/13/1/1# exit all
typ:isadmin># configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/13/1/2 auto-detect auto admin-state up
typ:isadmin>configure>ethernet>ont>1/1/1/1/13/1/2# exit all
typ:isadmin># configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/13/1/3 auto-detect auto admin-state up
typ:isadmin>configure>ethernet>ont>1/1/1/1/13/1/3# exit all
typ:isadmin># configure ethernet ont 1/1/1/1/13/1/4 auto-detect auto admin-state up

6. Enable VEIP

typ:isadmin># configure veip ont 1/1/1/1/13/10/1 admin-state up
typ:isadmin># configure qos interface 1/1/1/1/13/10/1 upstream-queue 0 bandwidth-profile name:1G
typ:isadmin># configure bridge port 1/1/1/1/13/10/1
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1$ max-unicast-mac 200
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1$ vlan-id 100 tag single-tagged
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1>vlan-id>100$ exit
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1# vlan-id 200 tag single-tagged
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1>vlan-id>200$ exit
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1# vlan-id 300 tag single-tagged
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1>vlan-id>300$ exit
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1# vlan-id 400 tag single-tagged
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1>vlan-id>400$ exit
typ:isadmin>configure>bridge>port>1/1/1/1/13/10/1# exit all

8. Display ONT ip-host 1 address

#show iphost ont operational-data
operational-data table
index                    |ip-address     |net-mask       |default-router |dns-addr      |sec-dns-addr

NOTE: In order to ip-host work properly, the broadcast should be enabled on VLAN

#configure vlan id 400 new-broadcast enable

ONT HL-4GQVS / HL-4GMV3 / HL-4GMV4 / HL-4GXV / HL-4GXV-F Provisioning on ISAM 7360

There are two ways of ONT provisioning:

ONT HL-4GQVS / HL-4GMV3 / HL-4GMV4 / HL-4GXV / HL-4GXV-F upgrade on ISAM 7360

ONT upgrade process is described in this article.

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