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HALNy HL-1G Configuration [NOKIA 7360]

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HALNy HL-1G Configuration


HL-1G can work only in SFU(bridge) mode. SFU mode allows to prepare more complex configuration – such as QinQ tunnel or VLAN translation on the ONT.


Document Date and version2020.05.18
Tested on OLT NOKIA 7360 FX-4Version: L6GPAA56.587
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1GSupported on Version: 1.0.7 or above
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Supported SFU service scenarios

HL-1G supports the same service scenarios as HL-1GE SFU, You can find scenarios with ONT configurations here.

ONT HL-1G Provisioning on ISAM 7360

Provisioning is not supported in SFU because all ONT configuration is provided by OLT.

ONT HL-1G upgrade on ISAM 7360

ONT upgrade process is described in this article.

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