1. XML Concept

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Document Date and version2021.04.07
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Basic information

  • Similar to Cable Modem Provisioning in DOCSIS
  • ONT receives information about the configuration from an XML file
  • Path to configuration file and FTP credentials can be forwarded with few methods
    • DHCP Server (using option 66 and 67)
    • OMCI by firmware upgrade
    • OMCI OLT provisioning service (for example on OLT vendors from Dasan/Zyxel/Huawei)
  • ONT uses the IP-host interface (Management) for Provisioning, XML files are downloaded only through this interface. Iphost is OMCI controlled interface supported by multiple OLT vendor as like Huawei, DASAN, ZTE, Nokia, Zyxel, etc which is used only to manage ONT and it’s isolated from another services

What You need

  • FTP Server – put here XML files with configuration for ONT[necessary]
  • If You use Universal DHCP provisioning – DHCP Server which supports DHCP option 66 and/or option 67
  • If You use provisioning via OMCI (vendor specific) or firmware upgrade method, you need to prepare additional configuration on OLT side

How it works

  1. Connect new ONT to OLT
  2. ONT receive information from DHCP option 66/67 or Vendor Provisioning system about XML file location and path
  3. ONT try to download XML file
  4. ONT validate XML file structure
  5. ONT apply new settings and if it’s needed ONT restarts

Advantages of XML provisioning

  • Easy and fast configuration for new CPE in your network
  • CPE will receive configuration even after it was restored to factory defaults settings
  • Provisioning through DHCP option66/67 is independent of vendor (one configuration for all OLT vendors)
  • It works at GPON and ETHERNET networks at the same time
  • Easy to manage, if You want to change the configuration for some customers You need only change it in the XML file
  • Easy to integrate with NMS (Network Management System)

Method comparison

Provisioning methodUniversality of solutionOLT side configurationONT/CPE side configurationAdditional configurationLevel of automation
Provisioning via OMCI (vendor specific)LOWDepends on vendorNONEDepends on vendor implementationLOW
DHCP option 66/67HIGHNONENONEDHCP/FTP server configurationHIGH
Firmware upgradeMEDIUMupgrade/auto-upgrdeNONENONEMEDIUM

ONT/CPE behaviour for XML Provisioning settings

ONT acts the same way, no matter which method of provisioning has been performed. Below, you can find a block scheme that can help you to understand behaviour of the device.

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