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Zyxel OLT – Universal ip-host 1 setting

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Document Date and version2022.04.04
Tested on ZYXEL OLT1404A / OLT2406AVersion: V4.02(ABJB.3)C0_200904 / V4.02(AAVA.7)C0_210719
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1GE, HL-1GR, HL-4G, HL-4GMV / HL-2GR, HL-2GRV, HL-4GQV, HL-4GQVS, HL-4GMV2, HL-4GMV3, HL-4GMV4, HL-4GMVRSupported on Version: V2.0.23/V3.0.21 or above
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To configure ip-host 1 on HALNy ONT’s connected to Zyxel OLT, You can do it as in example below.

OLT1404A(config)# remote ont ont-2-9
OLT1404A(config-ont)# ontWan 1
OLT1404A(config-ont-wan)# vlan 100
OLT1404A(config-ont-wan)# exit
OLT1404A(config-ont)# no inactive

OLT1404A(config)# remote uniport uniport-2-9-2-1
OLT1404A(config-remote-veip-uniport)# vlan 100 ingprof DEFVAL
OLT1404A(config-remote-veip-uniport)# no inactive

Check ip-host 1 address

OLT1404A# show remote ont ont-2-9 ontWan-status
  Wan 1                                : Enable
  Connection Type                      : IPoE
  Status                               : Down
  Nat                                  : Disable
  Service                              :
  Default Wan                          : Disable
  Vlan                                 : 100
  Priority                             : 0
  Auto get IP                          : Disable
  IP address                           :
  IP Mask                              :
  Gateway                              :
  Primary DNS                          :
  Secondary DNS                        :
  Binding lan port                     :
  Binding wifi 2.4G ssid               : N/A
  Binding wifi 5G ssid                 : N/A

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