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Vendor Support Change

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Document Date and version2021.02.02
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1GE/2, HL-1GC, HL-4G, HL-4GMVSupported on Version: V2.0.16 or above
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GQV, HL-4GQVS/2, HL-4GXV/-F, HL-4GMV2/3/4Supported on Version: V3.0.11 or above
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1B, HL-2BV, HL-4G2Supported on Version: V4.0.5 or above
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Why you need to change vendor support:

When you want to connect a new ONT to your OLT which has 3-rd party ONT block by GPON Serial Number you may do it with instruction below

How to change vendor support:

  1. Enter ONT WWW interface
  2. Log in to the ONT (admin account)

3.Enter url
4. Set OLT Vendor you need

After confirmation ONT will reboot and start-up with new GPON Serial Numer

Keep OLT Vendor

You may set KEEP OLT VENDOR flag to prevent ONT restore its default GPON Serial Number.
It means if client does factory defaults via WWW (user account) or by pressing physical button – ONT will be restore to factory and GPON
Serial Number will not be restored.

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