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Document Date and version2021.02.02
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMV, HL-1GE, HL-4G, HL-4GQV/SSupported on Version: V2.0.16/V3.0.11 or above
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When is it helpful

When you want to connect a new ONT to your OLT but you don’t now what GPON SLOT/PORT is it connected to and what is ONT ID – you may check on the ONT WWW interface in status menu.

Status menu for ONTs:

  • HL-4GMV
  • HL-1GE
  • HL-4G
  • HL-4GQV
  • HL-4GQVS
  • HL-2GRV
  • HL-4GMV2

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