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Router wizard

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Document Date and version2024.07.01
Tested with Router HALNy: HLE-3GM, HLE-3GX-FSupported on Version: V3.2.30 or above
Tested with Router HALNy: HLE-4BX3V-FSupported on Version: V5.0.9 or above
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Wizard functionality was created to make configuration easier and faster. Device could work in three modes:

  • Router
  • EasyMesh Controller
  • EasyMesh Agent

If help with first configuration is not needed, skip this step by clicking „Cancel”. 
Attention! Wizard functionality appears only one time after restore factory defaults.

Router configuration

If Router mode has been choosen, can be configured plenty of functionalities:

  • New password for useramin account
  • Connection type for WAN1
  • WiFi settings
  • LAN setting

Last step sums up settings:

EasyMesh Controller configuration

In this mode, device can be configured as router, but in addition it has enabled EasyMesh Controller function. What is more, WiFi settings (SSID and password for WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz) could be the same:

EasyMesh Agent configuration

If device mode is set as EasyMesh Agent, wizard hops to last step with summary because device is manager by Controller:

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