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Router AP Mode configuration 

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Document Date and version2024.07.01
Tested with Router HALNy: HLE-3GM, HLE-3GX-FSupported on Version: V3.0.9/V3.1.9/V3.2.9 or above
Tested with Router HALNy: HLE-4BX3V-FSupported on Version: V5.0.7 or above
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AP Mode concept 

Our concept of operation for devices acting as AP involves forwarding received traffic unchanged. The device serves as an access point that does not modify packets and bridges the incoming traffic to the network. Therefore, the incoming traffic received by the AP device must be untagged. 

AP Mode configuration 

  1. Go to Internet Tab  
  2. Go to the WAN  
  3. Choose Transfer mode 

After choosing AP mode, there is a possibility to change basic data, such as access IP adress of the router (default IP in AP mode is 

After mode-switch, device configuration will be restored to default except admin password. 

Important information  

  1. WAN configuration is not available when AP Mode is enabled. 
  2. After mode-switch, DHCP sever is disabled. 
  3. Device cannot be used as EasyMesh Controller when AP Mode is enabled. 

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