Rate Limit Type2

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Document Date and version2020.11.20
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMV, HL-1GE, HL-4GSupported on Version: V2.0.16 or above
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Type2 is the solution for ISPs who sell asymmetric services, for ex. 700Mb/150Mb Down/Up.
Rate-limit Type2 can be configured via WWW or XML provisioning. Here is a table with supported features. This rate-limit type can be applied for EtherWAN mode (HL-4GMV) and for HALNy router HLE-4GMV also.

Each CoS value in Rate Limit tab corresponds with 802.1p value in WAN 802.1q settings. For example, if WAN0 for the Internet is set to 802.1p – 0, then rate-limit has to be set for CoS 0. If You change 802.1p WAN0 for a different value, You will have to change rate-limit settings for that CoS also.

Values entered for each CoS are set in Mbit/s
0 – means unlimited speed.

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