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Keep Config After Factory

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Document Date and version2023.09.21
Tested on OLT DASAN V5816Version: 1.12p1
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMV2 / HL-4GMV3 / HL-4GMV4 HL-4GQV / HL-4GQVS / HL-4GQVS2 / HL-4GXV / HL-4GXV-FSupported on Version: V3.1.28p2 above
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KeepConfigAfterFactory is a feature that allows ISPs to keep their default configuration even after a user factory reset.

To enable this feature, change the KeepConfigAfterFactory node to YES in the XML file and then apply the new XML file to ONT.

After applying the XML file with this flag set to enabled (YES), ONT configuration will be kept after performing a factory reset from the user admin account or via reset button.

To perform a full factory reset, an ISP will have to do it from the “admin” account, via OMCI or via reset button (specific combination).

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