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HALNy HL-4GMV Configuration [ZTE]

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HALNy HL-4GMV Configuration

Service scenario

ONT configuration

Document Date and version2020.05.28
Tested on OLT ZTE C320Version: V1.2.5P3
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMVSupported on Version: V2.0.10 or above
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This tutorial is based on ONT with firmware V2.0.10 and ZTE C320 running with firmware V1.2.5P3.

In example configuration we used below VLANs:
VLAN 200 – IPTV (multicast uplink port 1/4/2)
VLAN 400 – MGMT 

1. Create DBA profile

(config)# gpon
  profile tcont NAME type 4 maximum 102400

2. Create ONT Type
Change HL-MODEL string to exact model name of the ONT, ex. onu-type HL-4GMV gpon …

(config)# pon
  onu-type HL-MODEL gpon description DESC
  onu-type HL-MODEL gpon max-tcont 4
  onu-type HL-MODEL gpon max-gemport 32
  onu-type HL-MODEL gpon max-iphost 4
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL eth_0/1
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL eth_0/2
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL eth_0/3
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL eth_0/4
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL pots_0/1
  onu-type-if HL-MODEL pots_0/2

3. Register ONT on GPON

(config)# interface gpon-olt_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/OLT-ID
  onu ONU_ID type HL-4GMV sn HALN0802F5A7

4. Configure ONT interface mode

(config)# interface gpon-onu_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/OLT-ID:ONU_ID
  tcont 1 name TCONT_NAME  profile NAME
  tcont 2 name TCONT_NAME  profile NAME
  tcont 3 name TCONT_NAME  profile NAME
  tcont 4 name TCONT_NAME  profile NAME
  gemport 1 name GEM_NAME unicast tcont 1 dir both
  gemport 2 name GEM_NAME unicast tcont 2 dir both
  gemport 3 name GEM_NAME unicast tcont 3 dir both
  gemport 4 name GEM_NAME unicast tcont 4 dir both
  switchport mode hybrid vport 1
  service-port 1 vport 1 user-vlan 100 vlan 100
  switchport mode hybrid vport 2
  service-port 2 vport 2 user-vlan 200 vlan 200
  switchport mode hybrid vport 3
  service-port 3 vport 3 user-vlan 300 vlan 300
  switchport mode hybrid vport 4
  service-port 4 vport 4 user-vlan 400 vlan 400

5. Configure ONT remote management mode

(config)# pon-onu-mng gpon-onu_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/OLT-ID:ONU_ID
 service NET gemport 1 cos 0 vlan 100
 service IPTV gemport 2 cos 0 vlan 200
 service VOIP gemport 3 cos 0 vlan 300
 service IPHOST iphost 1 gemport 4 cos 0 vlan 400
 ip-host 1 dhcp-enable true ping-response true traceroute-response true
 onu-vlan iphost 1 up-mode add up-prio 0 up-vid 400 down-mode untag

6. Configure IGMP Snooping

(config)# igmp  mvlan 200 source-port gei_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/PORT
(config)# igmp  mvlan 200 receive-port gpon-onu_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/OLT-ID:ONU_ID  vport 2

(config)# igmp  mvlan 200
(config)# igmp  mvlan 200 work-mode snooping

7. Verify ONT ip-host 1 IP address

#show gpon remote-onu ip-host gpon-onu_RACK_ID/SHELF_ID/OLT-ID:ONU_ID
Host ID:            1
Primary DNS:
Second DNS:
DHCP-enable:        true
Ping-response:      true
Traceroute-response: true
MAC:                e05a.9f6f.fb18

ONT HL-4GMV Provisioning on ZTE C320

There are two ways of ONT provisioning:

ONT HL-4GMV Upgrade on ZTE C320

Upgrade procedure for HL-4GMV is the same as for other HALNy ONTs (link)

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