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Good practices in upgrade OLT while using ONT’s from 3rd party suppliers.

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Due to a number of different service scenarios or different provisions of services, the caution before updating software in the production area is needed. Consequently, we kindly ask you to read carefully and use the following practices while updating software

  1. Before the update, backup configurations of your OLT device.
  2. Before the update, please visit to check if we already have confirmed HALNy ONT compatibility with Your OLT model/vendor and firmware version
    • If the version is not included please contact us and share information about Your OLT vendor, model name, and software version.
  3. Configure the Remote Syslog server to keep track of the update process.
  4. Before the update process check the software version on which devices that are being updated work and also verify the bootloader version. Make sure that it is compatible with the new version and that you can perform updates directly to this version.
  5. Prepare the access to the device through the console port (for devices that have this port).
  6. It is not recommended to perform the software updates of all OLT devices at the same time without commissioning and confirmation of proper operation in the test conditions.
  7. It is recommended to perform a test of new OLT software with 3rd party ONT first under test conditions (laboratory) on one or more pieces – connected in the testing laboratory. in case of trouble with using our ONT in the new version please contact our support team immediately. Our goal is to increase interoperability, we will be happy to help You.
  8. Perform downgrade procedure to be sure that you can roll-back to the previous OLT version and configuration safety.
  9. After confirming the update works well in the testing environment, it is recommended to perform the update with the use of a selected and small group of customers who will not have any claims against the service provider in case of possible interruptions of service that could occur after the software update.
  10. It is recommended to check all the „relevant” service scenarios carefully in testing conditions with performance tests. All the tests need to be conducted taking into account all services and management of devices.
  11. After confirming the operation of services you can gradually update the software with some intervals
  12. The update is best carried out in the so-called „maintenance window”, in which subscribers are informed about works that were performed. Therefore, night hours between 1 am.- 4 am. are recommended as a drop of load in the devices is then clearly visible

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