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Document Date and version2020.06.1
Tested on OLTno OLT needed
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMVSupported on version V2.0.10 or above


Our routers provide the possibility to use LAN4 port as an Ethernet WAN port, like a normal Ethernet router. The only thing to use this mode is switch transfer mode on device. When Ethernet transfer mode is set, PON laser is down and You can use ONT like a normal router. In this case, the device keeps all functionality like VLAN, VOIP, etc. The configuration of the device is similar to the PON router. You can also use the same XML file to provide provisioning. Based on provisioning You can easily migrate from your actual technology (for example DOCSIS) to GPON, without visits to the subscriber. The user only plugs PON patchcord, unplug ethernet WAN cable, and restart device (after earlier transfer type modification from admin side via mgmt network).


  • reducing the number of various devices in the network
  • possibility to use CPE in many technologies
  • simplify network management reducing cost for ISP (device service, training)


  • possibility to change mode, between PON and EtherWAN
  • same provisioning implementation for all HALNYy devices
  • migration between technologies without device replacement


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