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EasyMesh implementation on GPON ONTs and Gateways

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Document Date and version2022.03.29
Tested with ONT HALNy: HL-4GQV/S/S2, HL-4GXV/-F, HL-4GMV2/3/4
Router HALNy: HLE-3GM, HLE-3GX-F
Supported on Version: V3.0.18/V3.1.18 or above
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Full home WiFi coverage with EasyMesh implementation on interoperable GPON ONTs and Gateways

ModelEasyMesh Role
HL-4GQVS/GQVS2 Controller/Agent
HL-4GMVR Controller/Agent
HLE-3GX-F Controller/Agent
HL-4GMV2/HL-4GMV3/HL-4GMV4 Controller/Agent

Getting Started

When you begin using EasyMesh with HALNy, you need to upgrade the firmware on each device to the newest version. Make sure all devices (Controller and Agents) have enabled EasyMesh functionality and the correct role is selected – you can check this on the web interface of each device in APP->EasyMesh or Advanced->EasyMesh (for new web interface).

Configuration of SSID and password on your EasyMesh device is available on WLAN2.4G and WLAN5G tabs. Make sure WPA2PSK and AES is selected, do not use special characters and white spaces in the SSID network name. Right now in your mesh network only one SSID per band may be propagated and it has to be mapped to the WAN interface in Router mode.

Turning on the EasyMesh function or changing the role of the device requires restart. When there is a need to disconnect any device from the network that device has to be reseted to factory defaults.

Topology limitations

Our implementation of the EasyMesh feature allows to dynamically change topology. You can add or remove agent devices without reconfiguring the whole network. New devices can be connected to the EasyMesh network via cable or wifi. We recommend using one type of connection (wifi or cable) for all devices. Anyway, if you use the mixed connection, please stay to these two rules:

  • do not connect new agent device via cable to agents which are connected via wifi
  • do not create loops via cable connection – is recommended to connect the cable directly to Controller

Below there are some examples of correct mixed network topologies:

Below are some examples of incorrect mixed network topologies:

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