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DHCP Option 60 and 82

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Document Date and version2022.04.04
Tested on ONT HALNy series V2.X.X/V3.X.XSupported on Version: V2.0.19 V3.0.13
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Default values

Since firmware version listed above, ONTs and routers supports DHCP option 60 and 82 on WAN interfaces, both from www interface and via XML provisioning.

NOTE: OPTION 60 is NOT supported in V2.X.X firmware series.

Default values:

  • option 60 – “”
  • option 82:
    • CIRCUIT-ID – ONT_SN, for example: “HALN62030d50”
    • REMOTE-ID – ONT_MODEL_NAME, for example: “HL-4GQVS2”

XML file:


www interface – ONT with firmware series V2.X.X

www interface – ONT with firmware series V3.X.X:

HL-4GXV-F – with firmware V3.1.23

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