CWMP Configuration – DHCP Option 43

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Document Date and version2021.02.02
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMV, HL-1GE, HL-4G, HL-4GQV/SSupported on Version: V2.0.16/V3.0.11 or above
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When ONT receives DHCP OFFER packet with proper DHCP Option 43 to the ip-host interface, next it configures CWMP settings.

Example string of DHCP Option 43:;halny;HalnY*123;SNType

Where: – URL of ACS Server
halny – ACS platform username
HalnY*123 – ACS platform password
SNType – optional parameter, available from V3.0.18 – defines the type of SerialNumber send in inform packets. Possible values:

  • MAC
  • HEX_SN

Below there is an example on Mikrotik Router

  • – ACS server IP address
  • halny – login
  • HalnY*123 – password

After ONT have been configured via DHCP Option 43 you may check it like below.

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