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9. ZYXEL XML provisioning

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Document Date and version2022.06.20
Tested on ZYXEL OLT1404AVersion: V4.02(ABJB.3)C0_200904
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-4GMVSupported on Version: V2.0.23 or above
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Configuration of XML provisioning in ‘remote ont ont-PORT_ID-ONU_ID’:

OLT1404A(config)# remote ont ont-2-14
OLT1404A(config-ont)# ontfile url file HL-GMV.xml user ftpuser password ftppassword
OLT1404A(config-ont)# no inactive

OLT1404A# show remote ont ontfile ont-2-14
               AID: ont-2-14
               URL: ftp://ftpuser:ftppasssword@
   Local file name:
            Status: File transfer completed successfully

After ONT downloaded XML file and set configuration, it keeps configuration in memory until a new XML file will be applied.
When ONT starts to download XML file:

  1. Interface on ip-host will get DHCP ACK
  2. If You execute command “no inactive” for the ONT.

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