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8. HUAWEI XML provisioning

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Document Date and version2022.01.31
Tested on OLT Huawei MA5683TVersion: MA5600V800R017C10
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-1GE, HL-1GR, HL-4G, HL-4GMVSupported on Version: V2.0.13 or above
Tested with ONT HALNy HL-2GR, HL-2GRV, HL-4GQV, HL-4GQVS, HL-4GMV2, HL-4GMV3, HL-4GMV4, HL-4GMVRSupported on Version: V3.1.24p1 or above
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Configuration of XML provisioning in diagnose mode:

(diagnose)%%ont-load info configuration HALNy-HL-4GMV.xml ftp ftpuser ftppassword
(diagnose)%%ont-load select 0/1 2 13
(diagnose)%%ont-load start

MA5683T(diagnose)%%display ont-load info
 > IP address :
 > Protocol   : FTP
 > File type  : CFG
 > File name  : HALNy-HL-4GMV.xml
 > User name  : ftpuser
 > Load Flag  : STOP
 > Active Mode: NEXT-STARTUP

MA5683T(diagnose)%%display ont-load select

   F/S/P          ONT ID         Load state      Load progress
   0/1/2              13            Success               100%

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