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6. DASAN XML Provisioning

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Document Date and version2020.07.30
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*DHCP option 66/67 has higher priority that Dasan Provisioning – when you have atleast DHCP 66 option configured on your DHCP server, Dasan Provisiong won’t start.

Configuration of ONT provisioning in onu-profile:

onu-profile HL-4GMV create
  traffic-profile HL-4GMV
  mgmt-mode mode ip-path
  mgmt-mode ip-path ftp id USERNAME password PASSWORD
  mgmt-mode ip-path tftp

  mgmt-mode ip-path uri IP.IP.IP.IP file FILE_NAME or none

On Dasan OLTs if you configure provisioning with „file none”, it means that ONT will find xml file on FTP/TFTP server with file name of its GPON S/N numer.

Configuration of ONT provisioning on GPON port:

gpon-olt X:
  onu mgmt-mode ip-path ONU_ID ftp  id USERNAME password PASSWORD
  onu mgmt-mode ip-path ONU_ID uri IP.IP.IP.IP file FILE_NAME or none

After ONT downloaded XML file and set configuration, it keeps configuration in memory until a new XML file will be applied.
When ONT starts to download XML file:

  1. MGMT IP-PATH configuration will be changed (filename/FTP credits/FTP url/TFTP url)
  2. Interface on ip-host will get DHCP ACK
  3. Configuration of static ip-host interface will be changed

When configured ONT downloads XML file first of all it checks:

  • XML file name – if filename differs, new configuration is applied and ONT reboots
  • Modified date – if filename is the same then ONT checks if modified date differs. If differs – new configuration is applied and ONT reboots
  • No differs – if filename and modified date are the same ONT keeps current configuration

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